Friday, December 11, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 11: Another Kingdom Hearts Thing, of the Sometimes Main Guy

Hello! Today has been a really weird day. I got a lot of homework and research done, so I only have a minimum of 17 pages left to write by next Wednesday, which feels good. Towards the end of my second job today, though, there was some cheerful apocalyptic (very literally) chatter that left me feeling a little wonky. Everything else was pretty good, though, so it's been a good day today!

I wanted to thank you guys for all the kind comments you've been leaving the past couple of days! I've been hearing from old blog friends (Dawn and RebelAngelRin were both so cool to see on the comments list!) and it's fantastic to see comments from new people, too! Checking my e-mail has been a very cheerful task lately.

After looking at the Kingdom Hearts patterns I made a while ago, I decided that I am proud of how detailed and ridiculous they are, so tonight I am posting another one. Tonight's pattern is of Sora. I had no clue who Aqua was, but I do not that Sora is the main guy sometimes, and that he has insane clown shoes and sometimes turns into a mermaid and sings. This pattern has an insane amount of colors, so it should be really fun to stitch. Here it is!

I don't know what I'm going to post tomorrow, but I'll post something! Until then, have a lovely evening!

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