Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 17: Unwarranted Excitement About Fighting Games

Hello! With finals finally over, tonight I made loaves of muffin bread and worked on cross stitch patterns! I am still kind of behind on patterns, so I'm only posting one again today, but hopefully, I can get things back in order soon.

Tonight, I started working on King of Fighters sprite patterns again, because I have my finger on the pulse of what crafters want. I know a lot of the characters that I still need to make, from some pretty prominent ones to some really obscure ones, even for King of Fighters. For today, though, I was working on some of the characters from earlier in the series, so I made Yashiro and Chris from King of Fighters '97. I'm not sure if my pattern of Chris is good enough yet or not, so I'm going to post it tomorrow, but I have Yashiro ready to post tonight. His outfit is weird, with some strange jacket  cropping and difficult to explain belts, but because he's from an older game, the color count is pretty low, meaning that this should be pretty easy to stitch if you want to.

I am done posting for now, but will have more stuff tomorrow! Until then, have a nice Friday!


  1. Happy end of finals, happy sprites, happy baking!

  2. I would love a continuation of the Revolutionary Girl Utena series! You're so talented, and I think that a more detailed pattern of Anthy in her dress would be lovely!

    1. OHHHH, I only saw the first 13 episodes when it was first released, so I'm watching the whole thing on Hulu now-- Yes, I will definitely do that! I was considering it for later in the month, but didn't know if I could justify it or not. Thank you for the excuse!

    2. Thank you so much! Personally, I think your sprites are fabulous, by my favorites are more complex ones, like what you've done for Legend of Zelda and Gravity Falls. This blog is one of the most adorable things on the web, and when I need a new pattern, it's the first place I go! I'm so glad there's someone out there who takes the time to make these lovely patterns.