Friday, December 4, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 4: Astro Boy!!!!!

Hello! Today, I am posting to fix the fact that I have not yet done and posted a sprite pattern of Astro Boy. I realized this when I was looking through my blog history in order to see if I had made a pattern of Uran, the girl version of Astro Boy (I know that is a reductive way to put it, but seriously) to go with my Astro Boy pattern. Since the first pattern in the set didn't exist, let alone the superficial second pattern, I got to make both of them.

As you may have guessed, today I have patterns of Astro Boy, who you can cross stitch and pretend to kill over and over again while some horrible Nicholas Cage movie is on in the background to re-enact the American CG movie, and Uran the Astro Girl, who I unlocked in Astro Boy Dash on my Kindle just before never playing the game again. Both of these patterns are really simple, but I am pleased with them and intend to stitch them soon. I hope you guys like them, too!

Now that I have today's patterns posted, I feel like I want to make some more Tezuka patterns, so you guys might be putting up with that for a few days of the month. I really don't know what's coming up on here tomorrow, though, but will have something! Until then, have a good start to your weekends!


  1. Uran thanks you for setting her free. I'm going to go look up Tezuka now.