Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 6: Another Pattern

Hello! After another homework day, with some more writing and some presentation assembling, I feel wobbly brained. Because of that, I only have one pattern today, and it's another Rival Schools/Project Justice one. I might keep on this for a few days, since I am getting close to the no-stress zone in terms of paper writing and feel that I have to keep typing out nonsense and adding footnotes to it until it looks somewhat academic. I'm almost out of Rival Schools patterns that I've already done, though, so you probably don't have to put up for that much longer.

So, for today, I'm continuing my cross stitch patterns of the Taiyo High School characters with Ran Hibiki, the school photographer who can defeat people with an overzealous camera flash. She's one of my favorite characters from the game, so I actually made a pattern of her when I first started making sprite patterns. I wasn't very good at it at that point, though, so this pattern is more accurate, more detailed, and cuter, all of which matter. Anyway, here's the pattern!
I am done for tonight and will be back for more posting tomorrow! Until then, have a nice night and a good tomorrow!


  1. Yeah, this pattern is more detailed and I really like it! Your Ran Hibiki is awesome!