Monday, December 7, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 7: Someone Requested These Vocaloids Two Years Ago and I Forgot to Post Them

Hello! I really did not want to post here today, because I'm lazy. However, when looking at my patterns to see what I had that I could post, I found a folder labeled "december 2013 requests" that still had a couple of Vocaloid patterns in it. They are lovely, detailed patterns, and I am not sure who originally requested them or why I did not post them. It's nothing that I have any particular attachment to, but there are so many frills and details that even now, two years later, I'm looking at them and thinking, "yeah, nice job!" The patterns of Rin and Len are super-yellow, and working with different shades of yellow floss drives me nuts, so I am also sure I did not make them for myself.

(Outside of the folder, there was also a pattern of Miku, the main Vocaloid, in several shades of bubblegum pink with strawberry hair bows. I sort of remember that there were requests for the other two, but to be totally fair, this looks like something I would have done for myself. I will save her for another "oh god, I don't wanna blog" day.)

So, anyway, to the person who two years ago wanted these fancy-fancy and very specific patterns of singing computer programs, here are Rin and Len. I have been known to ignore requests, but usually I actually post them when they are finished. Anyway, enjoy these fancy patterns!

So, there are some patterns for today! I technically posted here. Tomorrow, I have some pattern making and extensive yapping to do regarding King of Fighters, so stay tuned for those thrills.

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