Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 8: King of Fighters, Yay!

Hello! Because I am a hard worker who is totally focused on my finals, I have spent a lot of time playing a Chinese mobile game based on King of Fighters, called King of Fighters '97 OL. It's from Ledo Interactive, the company that now owns SNK Playmore, and as odd and not a fighting game and not in English as it is, I don't think this as much of an end-of-days thing for the franchise as some of the nasty reviews I've seen are. It's not excellent, or even a 2D fighting game, but it is a decent beat-em-up RPG that's at least as close to King of Fighters as the Sonic the Hedgehog running and jumping themed mobile games are to that franchise. It is also not homework, which is currently a fantastic point in its favor.

One of the things that bothers me about the game, though, is that they changed Chizuru's outfit. To be fair, she has a really bad outfit, with insane shoulder pads and really big sleeve openings, paired with leggings and heels. The thing is, when they changed it for the new game, they took the time to give her a miniskirt and did nothing about her bizarre top. It's great to give King of Fighters characters new outfits, especially since some of them have been wearing the same impractical clothes since 1994. If you're going to do something with Chizuru, though, at least draw the girl a new shirt.

Anyway, since I have been spending too much of my time on this game, I decided to do a tiny cross stitch pattern of Chizuru, which I was actually surprised I hadn't done sooner. I know there are gaps in my sprite patterns of the cast, but Chizuru is one of the characters I play as, so I thought I would have made her before today. Her character design isn't very fancy, so this is a pretty simple pattern, though the hair and sleeves were a bit difficult to design.
Now that I have made Chizuru, I am thinking too hard about what other King of Fighters characters I have made yet, so I might spend too much time on those in coming days. I will post a not-fighting game pattern tomorrow, though, because I can see where this would got annoying for you guys.

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