Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sprite Patterns December Day 9: Starting the Walking Dead Pattern Set

Hello! I may have three 15-20 pages due next week, but tonight, I had my last presentation of the semester! I am very happy about this, but my brain is a little fried. Because of that, I'm not at my chattiest tonight. I do, however, have the first sprite pattern in my Walking Dead set, featuring Carol!

For the Walking Dead pattern set, I'm considering starting at season 1 and running through the cast season by season, because I like the show and want to make a really ridiculous pattern set for it. I made Carol first, though, because she is cool. This pattern is unusual in that it uses a pastel color scheme that's pretty rare for sprite patterns, outside of magical girl stuff, so she should come out to look very nice! I am going to make this someday, but kind of want to wait until I have enough of the cast done to do a sampler.

I'm done for tonight, but I'll be back with something or other tomorrow! Until then, have a good night and good luck with all your crafts and stuff!


  1. Good luck with your presentation! I am looking forward to see your Walking Dead alive:)! ( I mean ready) A pattern is funny, not scary at all! However, I think that seasons are really scary.

  2. These are neat! I can't wait to see the rest of them! :)