Monday, May 15, 2017

Playing Sprite Pattern Catch-Up After a Too-Long Break

Hello! Over the weekend, I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, which inspired me to dust off my sprite patterns and see if I could add a few to make a Marvel sampler I'd been thinking about a while ago. That proved to be no good. I quickly realized that, thanks to the total lack of enthusiasm that I had for a while, I hadn't updated the Marvel pattern set since Age of Ultron. This means that I have to make a ridiculous amount of patterns to get caught up.

Realistically, I know that I could do this pretty efficiently. The four big characters I'd need to catch up would be Ant Man, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange, which would be manageable. It would also not be a lot of fun, especially on a blog where I have not yet dealt with Agent Carter's cool 1940s hats or Thor's roommate.

For tonight, though, I am going to post the last two Age of Ultron patterns that I was just too uninterested in everything to post before. Here are the sprite patterns for War Machine and Vision, years late. When I was looking at these again tonight, I'm actually pretty happy with them. Neither of them is too detail intensive, so they should be quick to stitch, even for sprite patterns. I hope someone out there likes them!

I am actually hoping to be back with more patterns very soon, but am not sure. I've finished a couple of cross stitches, too, so maybe I'll post those, too. Until then, have a nice day, and good luck with whatever crafts you're working on!